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Benefit Attainment

Critical benefits are often sacrificed in implemtation due to time contraints and expertise. Our goal is to attain post implementation beneifts through rapid configuration and process improvement.

We works side-by-side with our clients to identify, develop and implement business practices which will work for their organization to maximize the positive impact of their software investments. These improvements are based on our years of experience across numerous industries combined with extensive knowledge of what really works .

Process and Transformation

Omega IQ's Process and Transformation Solutions improve a businesses performance by integrating and aligning with their corporate passion, business processes, people and information technology with their enterprise strategy. We utilize Intelligent Simplicity™ to help enterprises discover and focus on what they do better then anyone else in the world. Intelligent Simplicity™ uses the lean tool kaizen (continuous incremental improvement), which enables the work force to see things changing before their eyes. The lean principle of Muda or waste elimination is an integral part of Intelligent Simplicity™ . Intelligent Simplicity is rapid incremental change that is driven by corporate passion and strategy. A permanent lean culture is the ultimate goal of Intelligent Simplicity™ .

Technology Expeditor

Technology Expeditor Tool helps companies select and apply technology that accelerates their financial aces. Technology Expeditor Tool part of Intelligent Simplicity™ suite is based on the best practices of lean enterprise and corporate greatness. Omega IQ has created these powerful tools to help organizations use technology as enablers like a hammer to a carpenter. Like all of Omega IQ tools the Technology Expeditor Tool helps companies see results quickly by making improvements in short manageable segments while maintaining a focus on corporate passion and vision.

Supply Chain and Financial Systems

Omega IQ Intelligent Simplicity™ helps companies deliver measurable financial value when implementing or upgrading their supply chain systems. Intelligent Simplicity™ begins with the customer and works backwards. We focus on improving the value stream by utilizing the principles of lean; to eliminate non-value added activities such as angry and inconvenienced customers, mis-shipments, incorrect information, customer backorders and excess capacity.

Weak or non value added business processes represent 80-90% of problems encountered when implementing or upgrading a supply chain system is caused by weak or non-value added business process. Omega IQ helps corporations meet or exceed their expected return on investment by using Intelligent Simplicity™ to streamline their processes during a system implementation or upgrade.

Business Strategy

Omega IQ's Business Strategy solutions assist our clients with the process of identification, validation and deployment of business strategies. Great corporations make simple ideas extremely successful. Omega IQ Intelligent Simplicity™ helps organizations separate ideas or current practices into simple financial aces. We guide clients through the process of making strategic choices that have the greatest potential to deliver both near-term results and long-term value. Omega IQ can help you setup a balanced scorecard or enhance your existing balanced scorecard so that it is congruent with your corporate passion and strategies.

Specific Business Strategy services are as follows:

  • Corporate Strategy Corporate Strategy services focus on helping the CEO design a clear road map to achieve sustainable competitive advantage and accelerate profitability. This is based, initially, on a high-level but reliable understanding of the client's economic drivers, passionate drivers, core competencies, the competitive landscape, the market and its dynamics and the financial inputs. A strategic analysis is then developed comparing the client to its competitors. Segmentation options are then analyzed on a risk/reward basis.
  • Customer Segmentation Our Customer Segmentation services concentrate on analyzing customer data and strategies to reduce cost and maximize profitability. The main focus is around mapping customer lifecycles and predicting inflection points for improvement.

Transportation & Logistics

Our team focuses on improving the way your organization interfaces with trading partners. We manage broad issues around strategy and operations across functional areas such as inbound and outbound transportation, physical distribution and third party logistics. Omega IQ Intelligent Simplicity™ can help you achieve significant efficiencies in transportation of materials and help create links between buyers and trading partners and between buyers' facilities-no matter where they are located. With Omega IQ Intelligent Simplicity™ you can:
  • Reduce your inventory, distribution, and transportation costs
  • Improve efficiency of warehousing resources and space
  • Reduction in packaging costs
  • Identify opportunities to improve your organization's services while minimizing capital investments and operating expenses
  • Implement IT functionality and process changes to improve performance
  • Determine the value proposition of a 3rd party logistics provider to your organization
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